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Different Shades of Grey

I haven’t blogged for a while, this is mainly due to so much going on – a lot of it not great and a rubbish way to start a new year! Many different shades of grey have started our year off.

We had the loss of our lovely dog Meg, she really did leave a huge hole all of a sudden and the pain of her loss was massive. The lovely thing is though, we realised how much she was loved – by everyone she met. That has been such a great comfort to us, my Meggie – my healing dog.

Then we lost a very good friend and then, after a very short illness, we lost my dear Father-In-Law.

In reflection as I have now been for a few weeks - as the dust settles and laughter starts to return after such big losses - I realise what great guides and teachers all 3 of these were and will continue to be to me.

I can actually ache some days when I think of Meg, but that is the price to pay when you enter into a relationship with a pet. Their lifespans are shorter than ours, and I accepted that, even though I had been down this road before. The reality is that I was probably likely to outlive Meg yet the want to love her and care for her outweighed the knowledge that I would be devastated when she went. The joy, friendship and love we had were worth the pain – it’s all part of the deal.

And my grandchildren, the older ones especially, had their first experience of death and loss – she was as much their dog as mine. She loved them from the minute she met them – they were hers and she was theirs. Unconditional love and friendship. And when she died they cried and asked questions, and I had to help them through their first experience of grief. Although one granddaughter asked me where Meg was and I said ‘Meg has died love, she has gone to doggie heaven’ only to be told that was quite rude of Meg to go!

I heard Monty Don talking about the death of pets and he echoed what I have just written but he put the death of a pet into context for me, he said that ‘it is sad when a pet dies – but not tragic’. That sums it up brilliantly I think.

My work in Mediumship allows me to connect with people that pass, family members, pets or friends of my client, and I can honestly say that connecting with them ALWAYS brings healing. And healing in lots of different ways, most of the time in unexpected but glorious ways. It is why I do what I do.

You will always get the message you need to hear from the right person in spirit. Often people will have an unexpected person rock up, they were expecting their mother or brother but Auntie Maud shows up instead. But when the message is received and we chat afterwards, it becomes clear that Auntie Maud would’ve been the person on earth who would have given this advice or guidance – she is performing the same role in spirit. That is the way of spirit – when people pass they just move from one room to the next – their personalities and the relationships we have with them are the same.

Tragic deaths are always a tough one but my guides always let me know that this is the case so I can prepare the client for messages. My guides actually start to talking to me quietly, that is when I know I have to be extra sensitive. There is also a completely different vibration that comes to me – the only way I can describe it is a step to the side and an octave down – a very respectful introduction of the spirit visitor.

I can never guarantee who will come through, which can sometimes be frustrating, but often I find the more you ‘will’ someone to come through the more you just block off the people who need to deliver the messages for your highest good, and these people won’t go until they have had their say! This is why whenever you attend a mediumship session you have to be open minded. It is far better for you and the medium at work.

To be able to do this work is a sacred gift – I am privileged to enter other peoples worlds and touch their lives. When you work with your medium have faith, enter the space with love and healing will happen.

And I have the knowledge that my Meg is playing with Mia and little Jim.

And that our friend will start to get some of the answers.

And that my dear Father-In-Law will be sitting with us grumbling about the England Cricket team and giving us one of those grins as he shares a joke with us. And yes, we are probably out on the razzle.

Thank you for the gifts of love and knowledge, then, now and forever.

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