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This can be an individual workshop or in friendship groups consisting of 4 x hour long sessions in which we find and meet your Guardian Angel or Spiritual Guides. For group workshops, each member of the group will get a chance to lead the beginning of the session. 


Week 1:  You learn how to ground yourself, how to open your Chakras, protect yourself, and close yourself down again. You will be required to practice this new skill every day for the next week until we meet up again. 


Week 2:  After opening up we will then do a visualisation meditation to take you to your place of peace and calm, your safe place, where we will reclaim lost energy through guided meditation. We will then set our intention to the Spirit world for your Angel/Guide to meet us there the next appointment. You will need to practice opening/closing technique for the next week. 


Week 3:  Together we will now open up to spirit and go directly to your safe place, and within that place we will find your angel/ guide, maybe sitting by a stream, under a tree – in fact wherever is the right place for you! You will then find out their name, and get a description of them. You should be able to see them in ‘your minds eye’. I will make notes for you to study afterwards. You will then lead the closing down talk. For next weeks final session, I suggest you will prepare 3 questions to ask your angel/guide. You will need to practice the opening/closing technique for the week. 


Week 4:  You will lead the opening up, the visualisation and the meeting with your angel/guide. You will then ask your questions, and I will make notes for you on the answers. Occasionally I will have to help you re-word the question, Spirit can be very direct! Together we will spend some time in the wonderful world of Spirit and enlightenment. I will lead the closing down, and then our sessions are complete.

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