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Terms & Conditions – please enter into our agreement in a spiritual way

All spiritual work by its nature, requires me to work with energy.  If I am working Psychically I work with my energy and yours, if I am working with Spirit I work with spiritual energy, my energy and a small part of your energy, giving me yes, no, don’t know and similar answers. For any kind of spiritual work I need your input, otherwise this amazing, healing work becomes a real hard slog for all involved. Therefore, I must ask anyone who comes along to me for any kind of reading to keep this in mind and agree to sharing the space and entering into the session in a spiritual way.  I reserve the right to end a session without refund if this reasonable request is not met.

Never book a reading/session if you are feeling vulnerable or have delicate mental health.  Sessions do offer guidance and healing but you must be in the correct space to hear and benefit from any messages received. I reserve the right to postpone or cancel any reading that I feel falls under this category.  I have a duty of care to all my clients and myself.  I will always put welfare first.

Appointments will be held for 15 minutes and then released.  If I have not heard from you 24 hours prior to your reading to reschedule and you fail to attend or are 15 minutes or more late without prior notification you are liable to pay for the whole session.  To help you I will send a reminder to you by text message at least 24 hours ahead of your appointment, but your attendance is not conditional on having received a text.

I am the link with spirit and I will always work for your highest good, this is your session and I will always do my very best to answer any questions you have. Spirit will always bring the right people through to deliver messages of healing, comfort or guidance.  I cannot guarantee to bring specific people through in your session, spirit are in charge of who comes through. I can ask them to step forward but I make no promises they will.

With healing sessions I will always need to do a well-being assessment prior to working together.  You will be notified of this and subsequently your first session will be approx. 15 minutes longer.

All sessions are booked out for 1 hour with sessions lasting up to an hour.  I work in one modality at a time and the session duration is defined by that requirement.  You are entering into a contract with me based on a selected service and my time.

Anyone attending a session must be over the age of 18. (except healing where a responsible adult will need to be chaperoning the minor.  This is arranged by consultation first without exception).  Please do not bring anyone under the age of 18 with you to your reading, it is against spiritual law to have minors at a reading.  You will forfeit your reading and be liable for full payment.

You are welcome to record your session but please note that I will hold the copyright to any recordings involving me. It is a requirement that you let me know if you want to audio/video/zoom record any session.  I will record every session and it will be archived. I will never share/broadcast any sessions.  You are not permitted to  share, publish, up/down load or broadcast any session material without prior written consent from me.

Finally, you are responsible for your actions.  Anything you do based on information I give is your responsibility. You will not hold me responsible for any actions taken on information given at readings.

In British Law readings are deemed for Entertainment Purposes only.

I am insured with Balens & Co. Policy ZUR-SNU/20/04/36

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