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One to One Readings to bring through loved ones from the Spiritual World are conducted mainly at my at home.  My room is filled with wonderful energies, and is a great place to relax and listen to the wonderful healing messages brought to you by friends and relations who have finished their human experience here on earth, and are now in their spiritual life.

Many people come wanting desperately to hear from someone specific.  However, this is not always possible.  As the Medium, the 'link' between the two worlds, I will always bring the people through who will deliver the right message for you at this time.  All that is required from you is an open mind and open heart to let the loving energies flow.

My Guides and Angels are never unsure of the messages you need to help you heal emotionally, to help lighten the load mentally or to connect you spiritually.  

Group Readings are up to a maximum of four people, where I travel to your home (dependant on distance) or you come to me and conduct up to three hours of mediumship and Tarot card readings.  The format is usually up to the host (agreed beforehand), where I can either see you all as a group or, (in a separate room), see your party individually   This is followed by a question and answer session, which is both a fun and enlightening way of bringing the afternoon, or evening to a great closure.

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