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For Help with Illness and Behaviour. 


As with humans, animals are made with energy, and this energy can easily be depleted, (especially in cats, I mean, they hardly sleep)!! 


I use Usui Reiki and Quantum Touch (please see Healing page for full explanation) when an animal needs help healing or for issues connected to behaviour. 


Unusual or anti-social characteristics in animals is usually borne from 2 things – fear or complicated links with an owner (current or previous). It is not at all unusual for me to work with both owner (spiritual guardian) of the animal, and the animal itself. 


I have worked with a horse who would bite and kick, to a cat who was so stressed he wouldn’t urinate. My job is to direct healing to the energy block that makes these earth animals react in ways that cause themselves or others harm. 


For small animals I ask you to come to my healing room, although in some cases this causes stress to the pet, so I offer a home service, by prior arrangement, and incurring a travel surcharge. 


Please note, I have a large German Shepherd dog, she is the most well behaved member of my family! Although she will not be in the healing room, note must be made for allergy sufferers.

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