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Have 4 Legs or 2 Legs? Why Universal Healing Fits All.

My husband once said to me,

“how can you do healing with animals, they can’t tell you if they don’t like it”

Well, they can and they do! If they don’t want it or have taken enough they walk off. Simple as that.

As with us, our animals are energy beings and they can fall ill, have behavioural issues or be damaged by all sorts of things in day to day life. Mind, body and spirit applies as much to animals as it does to us. I have a big rufty-tufty German Shepherd and one day a leaf flew towards her – you should have seen her run! She got really spooked by it – a leaf – but whatever she thought it was it frightened her, her energy level dropped and her experience with – a leaf – was a negative one.

Now, I can’t say I used Reiki and Quantum Touch (see healing pages for more information) with my dog for leaf issues, but I did to calm her down, to reassure her and to replace the energy she had lost when her energy spiked then dropped as a consequence of this particular bad experience.

Our energy flows through us and is a constant moving, changing factor of our being. When we get an energy break the flow is broken so instead of this nice constant rhythm of movement, you get energy flowing in different ways, unable to connect and repair itself. This is often where pain lies. When we have a medical issue, the energy flow is also disrupted, needs realigning and energy channelled to the area, with Reiki or QT. This bridges the energy gap and gets all of the energy flowing in the right direction, aiding relief and promoting healing.

The same applies to trauma, of the body, mind or spirit. Trauma can take years to rise up, but it always will. It is worth remembering that the universe will never give you more than you can handle, even though reliving trauma can be suffocating, overwhelming and all consuming. Therapists dedicated to your particular trauma can be found and talking, at your pace, can prove invaluable. I know, I have had therapy and would do so again if necessary. I have a lot of the answers but I need someone to prompt me with the right questions. All throughout these times my healing modalities were working with me, to keep my energy up and in equilibrium.

Behavioural problems with our pets are usually caused by 1 of 3 things, a bad experience that has been left untreated and becomes bigger, a medical issue or a linked issue with their owner (earth guardian). It is very common for me to treat both animal and owner in a course of treatment. If you are stressed because your pet is ill, your pet will pick up on that negative energy and absorb it into its own, already depleted, energy.

Cats respond really well to energy healing because it feels nice to them. On a first appointment with a cat I will often just talk to the owner, whilst sending out healing and watching the cat sizing me up. Without question though, the next time I see the cat it will be rubbing itself all over my legs, get on my lap and want me stroke it. That is because it feels the same channelled energy from my last interaction, knows it feels nice and wants more of it!

So, the question I get asked most is how do I know where to put the energy I channel.

I am a formally trained Reiki and Quantum Touch Healer as well as being a ‘natural’ healer. Natural healer means I will often be standing next to someone and my hands will automatically get hot and want to start healing! I also channel naturally when I am doing Mediumship and the sitter is sent healing from loved ones in spirit, which I then pass it onto the sitter. I must say though, I never, ever give healing to any living soul unless I ask and receive their permission. That is the way of Spiritual Law.

As I run my hand through your energy field, my hand will become hot where the energy needs fixing. This is one of the main benefits of Reiki, it is very directional healing, pinpointing the break in the energy field and directing healing to the exact spot. Quantum Touch, which is a much lighter energy, requires me to use breathing techniques to push the energy around the body, thus helping the energy into the right flow again. I will very often use all 3 healing modalities in a sitting as one compliments the others. All that is required from you is to relax.

Healing is the most wonderful gift, we are all healers, some can channel like me, but as I channel your body will pick the energy up and start healing itself. Just say you have had surgery, one of our marvellous doctors might have made an incision into your skin to correct the medical condition that ails you. But he doesn’t heal the wound. Your body does that. Isn’t that amazing! Your body repairs itself. This is what Reiki, QT and Natural healing aids with, it helps your body to help itself. On occasions its working so hard it needs a helping hand and that’s where I come in. 😊

Sending healing light to you and your family – whether they be two legged or four 😊 xxxxx

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