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Originally from London, I now live near Marlborough, Wiltshire with my Husband and our Dog. I am the mother to 3 fantastic women, and 5 step-children whom I am equally proud of. We are blessed with grandchildren, who bring us so much joy, the house and garden feel full when they are here.

I am often asked how I became Spiritually aware. When I was a teenager I had a visit during the night from the most beautiful young lady, she came to the end of my bed.  I awoke to see this warm apricot-pink glow surrounding her smiling face. As I write this I can still see and feel the wonder of that night. I smiled back, I sensed the love emanating from the light, and then I went back to sleep. The next morning I realised this had not been a dream and I instinctively knew I need to find a Medium to help unravel the mystery girl!   It was during my consultation the 

Medium informed me my sister had visited, which surprised me no end because I didn’t have a sister!  I went home and spoke with my mother about it all, where upon she burst into tears and told me that I had indeed had an older sister, she left this world after only a few hours. 

After that, I was Clairvoyant and Clairaudient for many years, with my guides and spirits coming to me often, but I was a busy mum, with my own business to run, and I just accepted everything I saw and heard, but did nothing to develop my natural Spiritual gifts.  Over time, life got in the way and I stopped communicating with the Spiritual world. 

Move on 20 years!  I became ill and after conventional medicine could do nothing more than offer me 32 tablets a day for my condition, a friend took me to a Reiki healer. After 1 treatment I knew something was very different. After more Reiki for 2 months I was off of all but 1 of my tablets. After 3 months I was off of them all. There was really something in this!  I then trained to become a Reiki and Quantum Touch Healer and I am living proof that Universal and Spiritual healing works.  I have expanded this now to working with animals, as they benefit enormously from this kind of natural healing. 

From reconnecting both with myself and Spirit, I understood that I was now ready to use my gift of Mediumship.  My life has brought many lessons, a lot of them tough, but I now realise that these lessons were mine to be learnt, to help me grow and to use the knowledge gained to be of service to others and to promote the world of Spirituality.  I went on to develop my Mediumship skills at The College of Psychic Studies, The London Spiritual Mission and the beautiful Windsor Spiritualist Church, my Mentor is Internationally acclaimed  Medium, Healer and Teacher, Roy Sunley. 

As well as Mediumship, I offer Tarot readings, Meet your Angels and Guides - a great way of tapping in to your own personal power - Reiki and Quantum touch healing on both people and animals and a host of spiritual practices, including Meditation and Mindfulness.  I am serving local Spiritualist churches as a Medium, I offer one to one Psychic readings, group bookings and events. I promote spiritual well being for all living things in this life between lives. 

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