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Tarot Cards can often be met with a touch of fear, and I can tell you honestly now, from the centre of my soul, that there is nothing to fear – but much to favour! The Tarot cards you choose have already been selected for you to help you understand any number of important life lessons you may be juggling with. The Tarot simply and accurately gives you the answers to many questions, love, health, career, opportunities…… the list is as long as the amount of questions you may have! You shuffle and split the cards, let me know your question, and it’s as easy as that! I will tune into my guides and they help me interpret the cards and together we go on your Tarot card journey. The Tarot is, I believe, such a valuable and precise spiritual tool, that often I will be lead to them when giving a physic reading, as the cards identify and clarify specifics. I really do trust and recommend the Tarot Cards wholeheartedly. Never, ever, have I given a reading where I have scared the life out of anyone! This is not the job of the cards, the messages from the cards are to help you on your life journey, to make the best decisions and open up options you might never even have considered. These cards I refer to often as the fine tuning tools of the Spiritual world. 


Angel Cards are the same in principle, although they often identify troubles and allow you to voice concerns, and be guided to the right Angels, Archangels, Gods and Goddesses. These are our link and direct messengers to the Divine Spirit, where we can open our hearts and know that once you ask, and that’s all that is required of you, your words will be heard, the Angel’s will hear you and advocate the best Spiritual guidance to help. There is an Angel for every day and every problem and every aspiration and every situation…..for anything you need help with you can ask, and you will receive.

Tarot and Angel Cards 

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