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A lot of people come to me with deep rooted problems.  Many of them come in the form of repetitive damaging behaviours or addictions that have started to affect not only themselves but their loved ones.  These behaviours can have a terribly detrimental impact on every single aspect of their lives.

I have a great deal of experience with these behaviours, and have found many many people try to 'fix' themselves with food, relationships, sex, alcohol etc (the list goes on...)

I have found that guidance led by spirituality in most cases, fills 'the hole' that most people suffering from any one of the above behaviours.  It is to be noted that 'addictions' are classed as 'Soul Sickness', and therefore can be treated.  I say 'treated' not 'cured'.  This is because it is my belief that we can learn through daily spiritual practises to arrest the destructive habits that cause so much suffering.  In these cases we will have a chat on the telephone to get a plan of action before meeting up.

We can also use our spiritual tool box to get more out of the life we have. Mindfulness, meditation, affirmations, pregnancy and birth holistic practises.  Just being a human who wants to explore this life between lives is an exciting prospect!

I have and will constantly update this site with links to people I can personally recommend for a host of different spiritual experiences.

For Perinatal Coach & Therapist I highly recommend Melanie Valecha at

It is my hope and belief that I will meet some of you on the wonderful learning experience in life!  I can hardly wait! 

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