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It has been far to long since I put fingers to keyboard!

I have had an incredible week, working with some of the most wonderful people and I thought it was about time I shared one of life's skills - something which I wish would be taught in schools. It has been apparent this week how much we need this practice every day.


Connecting ourselves to Mother Earth and protecting our energy.

We are living in a world full of greed, ego, poverty, hatred, violence and confusion. We are also living in a world of love, courage, community, hope, fun, spirituality, tenderness, grace and beauty - although the former is what we hear about the most through the media. I'd watch The News at 10 if it was called The Good News at 10!! Sadly though, for some reason, reporting fear is more newsworthy than reporting love. And I have no idea why.

Imagine waking up every morning with a sense of true purpose, having the energy and want to grab the day and enjoy it to its fullest. How marvellous to wonder what blessings and challenges the day will hold - yet being ready and willing to do the next right thing for yourself and those around you to make the day the best day in your life so far. Sounds somewhat fairy-tale when it is put like that.

But is it? Is doing your best, with the best you have that day, fairy-tale? No, I really do not believe it is. It is my true belief that if we all did our very best for each other then the world would look so much brighter. As I am doing my best for you, you would be doing your best for me - and so the cycle would continue. Imagine all that love and respect swirling around the world - our beautiful Mother Earth - she needs us to do this now - she is hurting - she needs our positive, selfless energy to help her breathe again. Everyone is a winner in this scenario.

With the day to day as it is at the moment - the cost of living crisis, our leaders who are taking when they should be giving, the wars and the never ending drivel about Trumpety Trump Trump, it is all too easy to pull our energy close and say - no. I am tired of this. I feel so powerless and unheard I'm going to make myself small because I feel small. And I get it. I truly understand. Making ourselves small isn't the answer. But when our energy feels depleted by the endless struggles, well then that is the answer as we feel there is nothing else we have to give.

You have so much to give my friend - honestly.

Grounding is a technique I learnt very early on in my spiritual training. It is vital for our health and wellbeing when working with Spirit. I have continued to use it as part of my day - every day - and it helps me deal with every situation and gives me so much freedom. The idea is that I take control of my energy instead of giving it away. Therefore I can choose who gets my loving energy and who doesn't!

So, let's get started.

Firstly, find a comfortable chair where you can place your feet flat on the ground. If that's not possible - try to make sure part of you feels grounded - maybe your palms down or your back is supported. For this explanation though I will use the feet in my description but this needs to work for you - so adapt as you will.

Take the first of 3 deep cleaning breaths and as you breath in set your intention to give yourself a gift of love. This action is a loving action to yourself. As you exhale, push the air down over your head, neck shoulders and down your arms to your fingers.

With the next inhale know you are affirming your life force and then exhale, pushing the breath across your chest and back and into your hip region. With the final inhale push the breath over your body, down your legs, into your feet and then visualise a swirling energy force under the soles of your feet.

Bringing your attention to your feet - imagine tree roots coming from your toes, your heels, the balls of your feet, your instep. All of these tree roots are strong and go deep into the ancient soil beneath you. Some roots are on the surface, some go deep into the ground, but all are strong. These are rooting you to our Mother Earth.

Now imagine the centre of the earth, there is a beautiful rock there - this is uniquely your rock - you will know it when you see it. From this rock you see a fine silver etheric cord, and unbreakable cord that comes up from your rock and attaches to your coccyx with an immovable clasp. Give your bottom a little wiggle to know it is there.

Now we are going to set your energy bubble. This bubble of loving light energy is going to go over your head, under your feet, around your back over your chest and as you set this bubble it becomes egg shaped. It overs all of you front, back, above, below, side to side.

It can be any colour, but it must completely go around you. How does it feel?

Now, with your breath - as you breathe in pull the bubble closer. As you breathe out push the bubble away. This will get easier to do as you practice. You now have control of your energy and anyone that comes near you will automatically sense you are protected - if they want to neg you out then - sorry! No neggy nellie's accepted here today!

The other thing to add is that this bubble is like a pair of those mirrored sunglasses - you can see out but no one can see in. You have complete control over what you give out.

And you can bask in the loving energy you set for yourself - safe in your bubble of calm and love. How lovely is that! And as you feel loving and happy to will naturally give that out to the next person - and maybe even share this 'egging up' with them!

Do drop me a line with any colour you might see, how this felt and how you found the experience.

My warmest wishes to you


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