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The Mother Of All Protection!

Last week in my blog I let you know how to ground yourself to protect you from negative energy…how did you get on?

I hope you found the method worked well for you and that you felt calm and protected. I know that’s how I feel when I do it. It is a daily practice for me now, I would feel a bit ‘undressed’ if I didn’t do this before entering the big wide world daily. It is as much a part of my morning routine as cleaning my teeth!

Doing this daily really does set me up for the day. During this time I give myself a precious gift, I dedicate some of my time for me, for my well-being. I honour myself by acknowledging that my worth is valuable and my space is valid. It really is the gift I give to myself that keeps on giving! All it costs me is a bit of time.

We are all worth a few moments every morning to empower ourselves for the day ahead.

As I mentioned last week, there is a further exercise we can do if we are going into a situation or environment that makes us feel edgy.

Ground yourself (see previous blog) in the morning and then just before you walk into the space that is making you feel apprehensive, quickly reset your bubble, this can take no time at all, you set it in the morning so this is just re-visualising it.

Then do this:

Imagine a pot of silver paint is poured all over your bubble, starting at your head and completely encapsulating it. It is a special paint, much like the silver mirror sun-glasses where you can see out but no one can see in, the light just reflects back at them. This is the mother of all protection, nothing is getting through this.

You of course, can see out perfectly well. The only person who knows you are wearing this armour is you! Now, step confidently forward!

This really is so effective. I feel completely untouchable when I am protected like this.

It doesn’t immediately mean you can say what you like and your words won’t matter – of course your personal responsibility is yours alone, but it does mean that you won’t get sucked into any negative energy. I find it gives me more control in a situation because I am working with my energy – not influenced by many different or overpowering energies trying to muddle up mine. I think clearer, remain calmer and that in itself put’s me in a better position straight away.

As with last time, please let me know how you get on. Did you find this method gave you more protection? Do you think clearer?

Love, light and empowerment to you 😊 xxxxxxxxxxxxx


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