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Did The Universe Just Say Stop!?

It’s undeniable that we have all lived with change during the last 18 months and it is change that we have had little control over. The world was plunged into a different way of being almost without stopping to take a breath, Leaders in every country were tasked with guiding us through a pandemic and people globally had to adapt. And they did. We all have our Covid experience stories and each one is valid. Some are really devastating stories, some less so, but everyone’s stories are precious – memories of a time where our inner resilience and strength rose up as we worked together to protect and promote well-being for ourselves and others. And it continues today, different levels in different locations - constantly we have to observe the rules of the day.

For me, this time gave me the opportunity to sit still. I could sit in my own space and become more aware of my own being. I had some great highs – myself and my husband sat out early one morning watching as a family of Great Tits fledged from their nest. How often do you get the chance to watch a bird take flight for the first time ever! And we had some lows, we had to cancel our wedding 3 weeks before the big day and then my husband-to-be lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic and didn’t gain employment for nearly a year. My day to day job changed - from working in a fast-paced corporate world I started to work from home. This provided me with some much needed prospective.

I now know how much I need to work in a quieter world where I can use my energy for the highest good. I have started to study the wonder that is the moon. I am exploring how to use the gifts of Mother Earth to feed and sustain us and how to use herbs and produce to cast good intention spells. I have connected with Spirit on a much deeper, broader level than before. My spiritual life was always ‘just over there’ but now it is right here with me as I write this. I have learnt that I cannot do without this precious part of my life. It is a sacred gift, gifted to me to share with others. I aim promote well-being for all, to let spiritual light work get to those people who have felt the joy of being in the moment and those who are yet to step into their spiritual power.

I have met my Guides and Angels and I feel them when I am working with them. When they are near the Angels play with my hair and my Guides touch my face or tickle my ear. They want me to share with you. They want everyone to be given evidence of the Spirit World to bring us together, in a simpler, kinder way and to help Mother Earth heal, she really needs our help. I often wonder if the Universe made us all stop to pause for a while to gain prospective and look around. To feel the energy of nature and the pull of humanity. I know it worked for me! I am now living in my energy, feeling and communicating better with Spirit, understanding the power better and not keeping it ‘just over there’. It is too precious 😊

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