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Is Negative Energy Draining You? Here’s an Easy Solution!

Hello to you and thank you for visiting. Let's get down to some serious well-being energy work!

I was recently at the hairdressers, the lovely Sue was cutting my hair after the lock-downs here in the UK. I was looking like a frazzled Rapunzel. It felt good to be back in the salon, freeing myself of my unruly locks and chatting with the other clients.

As I was having my hair washed, Sue was telling me how she sometimes felt ‘drained from the negativity’ of others. Let’s face it, we have all off loaded how rubbish it has been during lock-down, people are always ready to tell you about how hard it has been (and it HAS been) but when you work so closely with people - hands on in a hairdressers case – two energies mix together and more often than not the heavier negative energy will pull down the softer, lighter positive energy. So the lovely Sue would go into work some days without a care in the world but by the end of the day she’d have the weight of the world on her shoulders and be feeling really down.

Energy is who we are, we are energetic beings. If our energy is gone, well frankly, it means we’re dead!

How much nicer is it when we feel good vibes! But the truth is we will all experience negative people in our lives, possibly day to day in our work, if things are difficult at home, but you can experience negative energy anywhere – out shopping, in the Post Office – it’s everywhere!

I’m going to tell you how easy it is to protect yourself from unwanted energy - in your own bubble – or ‘egg’. I call this process ‘egging up’!

Our energy field is our Aura, if you are on my page reading this I am assuming you know what an Aura is – the energy that surrounds and leaves our body is our Aura – we all have one because we are all made of energy. Our Aura is constantly changing, changing colour, shape, thickness etc. Because our energy is constantly changing so is our Aura.

The following method requires practice, I can now do it in a matter of milliseconds because I do it every day as a matter of morning routine. I do it every time I work closely with someone, even if it is remotely as is so common nowadays. When starting out, do this when you have time to really visualise. Becoming good at this does require you to make TIME. Then you will be able to do it, as I do, very quickly but also effectively.

So, here’s a way of grounding yourself to make your being stay focused and an exercise to protect your energy from being poached! Find a quiet place and make yourself comfortable and do what makes you feel good, light a candle or play some soothing background music, but avoid music that you can’t help singing along to! Try to place your feet flat on the ground. If that’s not comfortable or doesn’t feel right just make sure you are in a safe, sustainable position.

Gently close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths, relaxing your face, shoulders and tummy as you breathe out.

Now take another deep breath and as you do push the out breath down out through the top part of your body, over your shoulders, down your arms.

With the next breath out, push it over your back, your chest and into your pelvis.

As you take this next breath, push through your body, down your legs and imagine roots growing out of your feet - through the heels of your feet, your toes and the balls of each foot. Long deep roots, short surface roots - roots that penetrate the earth below. Breathe in and out and continue to do this until you feel held solidly in place.

Next, imagine a beautiful rock at the centre of the earth. From your rock comes an unbreakable silver cord. This cord is attached with a clip to your coccyx. You are now fully held to Mother Earth and she will hold you there safely and securely.

The next part is the ‘bubble setting’ or ‘egging up’ I call it an egg because that is the shape mine usually takes – although when standing up it is completely different!

Imagine the most beautiful light at the end of your finger. Use your finger in your mind like a wand and move the light around your body, under your feet, over your head, around your bottom, over your tummy and keep going until you can visualise this beautiful light all around you.

On the next breath bring the light closer to your body.

Now breathe out and push the light away from you.

Practice this until the light feels comfortable where is rests.

This is your own bubble or egg! Well done you.

Your light colours can vary. The light could be a pure clean white light, have a solid colour, be always the same or like a rainbow, that will very much depend on you and your mood and surroundings.

The thing to remember is that while you can see out of your bubble, no one can see in! You are completely protected by this bubble, it is there to work for your highest good. You dictate how near or far it is.

So, when Mrs Neggie-Pants comes over to suck you dry of energy, set your bubble, push it out and see what happens! I have very often found that this keeps her at arm’s length too so she doesn’t invade my space. 😊

As I have said, this requires practice but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it works.

I would really love to know if this works for you, what colours you used and how the visualisations came along. And, of course, the results when you try it!

Do drop me a line on Facebook, Insta or here. Next week I’ll post how we can do an extra layer of protection, so keep practising until next week’s blog!

Love and light and happy egging 😊 xx


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